Research Papers by author

Many of these papers have been sourced from the personal digital archives of current members of Linford Lodge of Research. Some of these files lack information on when or where delivered and/or published. Every effort will be made to rectify such omissions as information comes to hand.

Alvarez, Juan Carlos: Brief History of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges
Alvarez, Juan Carlos: Masonry in Latin America
Batten, Douglas: Freemasonry in Foreign Parts
Bindon, Peter: The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis – AMORC
Falconer, Donald: A new perspective in Masonic research
Grosskopff, Rodney: Freemasonry and the Jameson Raid
Herden, Ralf Bernd: The Baden Social Democrat – Rolf Gustav
Kahler, Lisa: Andrew Michael Ramsay and His Masonic Oration
Linford, Robert: Some notes on the problems of Fraternal Relations
Linford, Robert: Some Observations on Ritual Development, particularly as reflected in the Explanation of the First Tracing Board
Linford, Robert: The 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment and Freemasonry in Australia 1814 to 1817
Linford, Robert: The Master’s Board; a speculative note
Ludowyk, Geoffrey: Australia & the Anzac Tradition – An Immigrant’s View
Ludowyk, Geoffrey: greenMasonry: Nature and Freemasonry
Ludowyk, Geoffrey: Living Freemasonry
McKibbin, Brian: Masonry in Japan
Miller, A.B: Unique features at Goulburn lodge room
Moller, Graeme: A Medical Approach to the Ancient Penalties
Morse, Neil: 290 – A start on the History: a study in method?
Morse, Neil: A Century of Masonic Research
Morse, Neil: Due to Active Service Conditions
Morse, Neil: Freemasonry in the Australian Military
Morse, Neil: Harry Renfree, a Canberra Masonic pioneer
Morse, Neil: Some issues in the NSW pre-Union debate
Morse, Neil: The Degrees of the Practical Mason
Morse, Neil: The Illawarra Lodge of Unanimity and Concord
Morse, Neil: The ‘Kidd Collection’
Morse, Neil: The Lucas Apron
Morse, Neil: The Relationship Between Grand Lodges and Research Lodges
Morse, Neil: Vale Neville Barker Cryer
Nairn, Robert: Being Free
Nairn, Robert: Catherine the Great and Freemasonry in Russia
Nairn, Robert: Freemasonry in France
Nairn, Robert: Freemasonry in India
Nairn, Robert: Freemasonry in the United States of America
Nairn, Robert: Innovation in Freemasonry
Nairn, Robert: Landmarks of the Order
Nairn, Robert: Prince Hall Freemasonry
Nairn, Robert: Quadrivium 1: Arithmetic – Masonic Mathematicians
Nairn, Robert: Quadrivium 3: Music – Masonic Composers
Nairn, Robert: Quadrivium 4: Astronomy – Masonic Astronomers and Explorers
Nairn, Robert: Trivium: Grammar – Masonic Authors
Nairn, Robert: The Relationship between Church and State
O’Rourke, Philip: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Pearson, R.A: The Internet and Freemasonry
Pope, Tony: A Masonic Odyssey
Pope, Tony: ANZMRC 9th biennial Conference
Pope, Tony: At a perpetual distance: Liberal and Adogmatic Grand Lodges
Pope, Tony: Brothers Under Arms, The Tasmanian Volunteers
Pope, Tony: Brothers under the skin
Pope, Tony: Freemasonry in former ‘Soviet Bloc’ countries
Pope, Tony: Freemasonry in Cyprus – a dysfunctional family
Pope, Tony: Our segregated brethren, Prince Hall Freemasons
Pope, Tony: Prince Hall revisited
Pope, Tony: Why bother with overseas recognition?
Pope, Tony: Wider Horizons
Purcell, Philip: Statistical Mechanics if the Masonic Mind
Slater, David: Mysticism, Masculinity and Masonry