Other Books by author

This is a collection of books which were in the public domain and have been recently digitised by various organisations and entities. They are provided here for non-commercial use, within such terms as are specified by the body which digitised the original work and contained within the particular digitised edition of that volume.

Allyn, Avery: A ritual of Freemasonry (exposure, 1853)
Anderson, James: The Constitutions of the Freemasons (1723)
Anderson, James: The Constitutions of the Freemasons (1723, NY 1855)
Anderson, James: The Constitutions of the Freemasons (Franklin 1734)
Anon: A Series of Letters on Free Masonry by a Lady of Boston (1815)
Anon: A View of the Origin, Objects and Utility of Free-Masonry (1830)
Anon: Hiram: or, the Grand Master-Key (exposure 1776)
Anon: Jachin and Boaz; or, an Authentic Key (exposure 1797)
Anon: Lux et Veritas or the Origin of Freemasonry (PHO Delaware 1856)
Anon: The Compass and Square for Women Only (1916)
Anon: The Three Distinct Knocks (exposure, Dublin edition)
Anon: Three Distinct Knocks (exposure 1760, reprint in English & French)
Blavatsky, H P: The roots of ritualism in Church & Masonry
Belton, J L:Communication and ‘Research versus Education’
Belton, J L: Masonic Membership Myths Debunked
Calcott, Wellins: A Candid Disquisition (1769)
Cole, Samuel: The Freemasons’ Library & General Ahiman Rezon (MD 1817)
Colston, James: The Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh (1891)
Cross, Jeremy L: The True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1826)
Cross, Jeremy L: The True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1851)
Dermott, Laurence: Ahiman Rezon or A Help to a Brother (1756)
Dermott, Laurence: Ahiman Rezon or a help to all that are … (1764)
Drew Ali: The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America
Duncan, Malcolm C: Masonic Ritual and Monitor (exposure 1866)
Garey, William: Reflected rays of light upon Freemasonry
Gavitt, J A: King Solomon and his followers (ritual code 1910)
Goodwin, S H: Mormonism and Freemasonry
Gould, R F: Military Lodges: the apron and the sword
Gould, R.F: The Concise History of Freemasonry, revised by Crowe 1951
Hervey, John: Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity (UGLE 1873)
Hughan, W J: The Old Charges of British Freemasons
Knapp, Samuel L: The Genius of Masonry (1828)
Mitchell, C L: The early introduction of Bogus Freemasonry in the USA & Texas Among Colored Masons (1909)
Moore, Cornelius: The Craftsman and Freemason’s Guide (1854)
Morgan, William: The Mysteries of Freemasonry (exposure nd)
Newton, Joseph Fort: The Builders (1914)
Paine, Thomas: On the Origin of Free-Masonry (1810)
Robison, John: Proofs of a Conspiracy (4th edn 1798)
Smith, George: The use and abuse of Freemasonry
Smith, J T: Light
Smith, L L: The lost mysteries of Freemasonry explained
Smith, L L: The secrets and ceremonies of Freemasonry exposed
Smith, William: The Book M; or Masonry triumphant
Upton, William H: Light on a Dark Subject (1899)
Vibert, Lionel: Freemasonry before the existence of Grand Lodges
Webb, Thomas Smith: The Freemason’s Monitor (ritual supplement 1797)
Webb, T S & Rob Morris: The Freemason’s Monitor (1859)
Woodford, Revd A.F.A: Kenning’s Masonic Cyclopaedia (1878)