Freemasony Universal

Both volumes of this work are out of print. The authors, while reserving copyright (1998, 2000) and other rights, have kindly consented to it being available for consultation on this website. It needs updating, and the authors will endeavour to provide updates, piecemeal, over the next few years.

The work is intended primarily to assist Freemasons who wish to attend lodges outside their own jurisdiction, to provide them with general and specific information about Freemasonry in the continent, region, country or state they intend to visit. It will appeal also to the armchair traveller.

For the purpose of this website, it has been divided into several files.

All readers are urged to read first the READ ME FIRST file, and to follow the advice it contains.

General Information
North America
South & Central America
Out of this World
AFRICA update 1 of 2016
AFRICA update 2 of 2016