A Daily Advancement

With the change of name of the lodge, the last Notice Paper for Canberra Lodge of Research and Instruction (CLORAI, or CLoR&I) was in February 2011, and the first for Linford Lodge of Research was in the following month. This also marked an exchange of the offices of the Preceptor and Secretary. As secretary of CLORAI, Neil Morse provided items of Masonic education entitled A Daily Advancement (ADA), either incorporated in the notice paper, or as an insert with it. ADAs, as such, ceased when David Slater became secretary, but the notice papers continue to provide additional short items of interest. ADAs have been consolidated into annual ‘volumes’ on the website; ADAs from before 1999 and after 2006 are still being sought for inclusion.

A Daily Advancement 1999
Freemasonry and the Leaders of Victorian England
Spirituality in Freemasonry
Historic Aspects of Freemasonry

A Daily Advancement 2000
Are We The Guilty Ones?
The Mystical Quest In Freemasonry
Masonic Curiosities
Education and Instruction

A Daily Advancement 2001
William Charles Vahland
Masonry in Latin America
Freemasonry and Lord Baden-Powell
Prince Hall and Mexican Examples
Becoming a Royal and Select Master
The Royal Arch Banners

A Daily Advancement 2003
A Masonic Alphabet
Our Ritual – A Study in its Development
The Hoodwink
Inaugural Address

A Daily Advancement 2004
Albert Pike And Freemasonry
Notes on the Volumes of the Sacred Law

A Daily Advancement 2005
The Volume of the Sacred Law
Tracing Boards

A Daily Advancement 2006
from Wilmshurst’s The Meaning of Masonry
Open & Close
Restoring the Centre

A Daily Advancement 2019
Give Attendance To Reading
Reading Masons
The Blue Forget-Me-Not
Writing Lodge Histories

A Daily Advancement part of 2020
Mentoring course plan
Early ACT Masonic Education
Suitable Subjects for the Sydney Lodge of Research