Other Books by title

This is a collection of books which were in the public domain and have been recently digitised by various organisations and entities. They are provided here for non-commercial use, within such terms as are specified by the body which digitised the original work and contained within the particular digitised edition of that volume.

An initial definite or indefinite article in a title (The or A) has been deliberately omitted in this list.

Ahiman Rezon or A Help to a Brother (1756), by Laurence Dermott
Ahiman Rezon or a help to all there are . . . (1764), by Laurence Dermott
Book M; or Masonry triumphant, by William Smith
Builders, (1914) by Joseph Fort Newton
Candid Disquisition (1769), by Wellins Calcott
Compass and Square for Women Only (1916), by anon
Communication and ‘Research and Education’, by J L Belton
Concise History of Freemasonry, by R.F.Gould, rev.1951
Constitutions of the Freemasons (1723), by James Anderson
Constitutions of the Freemasons (1723), by James Anderson (NY 1855)
Constitutions of the Freemasons (1723), by James Anderson (Franklin 1734)
Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity (UGLE 1873), by John Hervey
Craftsman and Freemason’s Guide (1854), by Cornelius Moore
Early Introduction of Bogus Freemasonry in the USA & Texas Among Colored Masons (1909), by C L Mitchell
Freemasonry before the existence of Grand Lodges, by Lionel Vibert
Freemasons’ Library & General Ahiman Rezon (MD 1817), by Samuel Cole
Freemason’s Monitor (ritual supplement 1797), by Thomas Smith Webb
Freemason’s Monitor (1859), by T S Webb & Rob Morris
Genius of Masonry (1828), by Samuel Knapp
Hiram: or, the Grand Master-Key (exposure 1776), by anon
Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, by Drew Ali
Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh (1891), by James Colston
Jachin and Boaz; or, an Authentic Key (exposure 1797), by anon
Kenning’s Cyclopaedia of Freemasonry (1878), by A.F.A.Woodford
King Solomon and his followers (ritual code 1910), by J A Gavitt
Light, by J T Smith
Lost mysteries of Freemasonry explained, by L L Smith
Light on a Dark Subject (1899), by William H Upton
Lux et Veritas or the Origin of Freemasonry (PHO Delaware 1856), by anon
Masonic Ritual and Monitor (exposure 1866), by Malcolm Duncan
Masonic Membership Myths Debunked, by J L Belton
Military Lodges: the apron and the sword, by R F Gould
Mormonism and Freemasonry, by S H Goodwin
Mysteries of Freemasonry (exposure nd), by William Morgan
On the Origin of Free-Masonry (1810), by Thomas Payne
Old Charges of British Freemasons, by W J Hughan
Proofs of a Conspiracy (4th edn 1798), by John Robison
Reflected rays of light upon Freemasonry, by William Garey
Ritual of Freemasonry (exposure, 1853), by Avery Allyn
Roots of ritualism in Church & Masonry, by H P Blavatsky
Secrets and ceremonies of Freemasonry exposed, by L L Smith
Series of Letters on Free Masonry by a Lady of Boston (1815), by anon
Use and abuse of Freemasonry, by George Smith
Three Distinct Knocks (exposure, Dublin edition), by anon
Three Distinct Knocks (exposure 1760, reprint in English & French), anon
True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1826), by Jeremy L Cross
True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1851), by Jeremy L Cross
View of the Origin, Objects and Utility of Free-Masonry (1830), by anon