Book Reviews by title

These are mainly reviews by Linford members, presented in lodge or published in various periodicals. Reviews of books which Linford members have written, edited, or contributed to, may also be included.

An initial definite or indefinite article in a title (The or A) has been deliberately omitted in this list.

99 Degrees of Freemasonry: Turning The Solomon Key, by Henning Klovekorn
Albert Pike: The Man Behind the Monument, by James T Tresner II
Blue & Gold – Freemasonry and Community in Bendigo 1854 – 2004, by David Beagley
Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, by Henry William Coil
English Masonic Union of 1813: a tale Antient and Modern, by John Belton
Fiat Lux, vol 1, by Buta, (ed) Jack
First 50 years of Freemasonry in South Australia 1834-1884, by Charles Glover
Freemasonry Upstaged: Masonic stage presentations, by Peter Verrall
Grand Design: Selected Masonic Addresses and Papers of Wallace McLeod, from Gleanings of SALoR
Haunted Chambers: the lives of early women Freemasons, by Karen Kidd
International Masonic Collection 1723–2011 (Bibliography, Library SC 33º S.J.), by Larissa Watkins
International Masonic Publications 1738-2005: A Bibliography of the Library of the Supreme Council 33º SJ, by Larissa P Watkins
Its no Secret – Real Men Wear Aprons, by Peter Lazar
Landmarks of Our Fathers: A Critical Analysis Of The Start And Origin Of African Lodge No. 1, by John L Hairston
Masonic Centres of Queensland, by Wayne Budgen
Masonic Symbols and Signposts, by Leon Zeldis
My Book, My Opinion! Thoughts Garnered on my Masonic Journey, by Hugh Young
New Age Magazine, by Albert Pike
Priestly Order (The History of the Order of The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom from 1792 to 2002), by Cooley & Knowles
Rosslyn Hoax, by Robert Cooper
Seven Ordeals of Count Cagliostro, by Iain McCalman
Some Words and Thoughts Collected from the Writings of R W Bro M. H. Kellerman OBE, by Andy Walker
They Call Each Other Brother, by Bob James