ANZMRC Coming Events

Linford Lodge of Research (Canberra) and Discovery Lodge of Research (Sydney) are members of the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council (ANZMRC), which meets once every two years, in rotation among the various jurisdictions of Australia and in New Zealand. The biennial general meeting is held in conjunction with a conference, lasting several days and featuring Kellerman Lectures and other events.

The next ANZMRC conference is to be held in Melbourne in 2018. The selection process for Kellerman Lectures at this conference has begun. Further details of the conference will be posted here, as they become available.

In the years between conferences, ANZMRC organises a lecture tour by a noted Masonic researcher, usually from overseas, and publishes a book of the lectures offered by him (or, perhaps one day, her) at the selected venues.

2019 Touring Lecturer is Mike Kearsley. Dates and locations are not yet finalised.

2020 Conference will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand. Dates are not decided but it is expected to be in November.